Generative Change

Generative change refers to something you already do, but would like to do even better. What a fascinating  concept – improving something you already excel at!   In other words, you don’t have to be feeling stuck to see me.  Artists, athletes, students (especially before important exams), and professionals in a host of fields have used me to improve in areas they already do well in.   Generative change is a creative way to employ powerful, evolutionary methodologies to make your life even better.

Generative change also refers to cultivating the ability to master new skill sets.  This is big.  Your existing skill sets have served you well, but you can gracefully incorporate new ones.  Please note I used the word  ‘gracefully.’   With the innovative methodologies I employ, growth does not have to be painful or onerous.  Yes, growth and learning can actually be fun.  Indeed, the most successful and happy among us know and use this concept.

Once again, you don’t have to be feeling stuck in an area to schedule a session with me. You just might want to grow in new directions.