Emotional Gravity

Emotional Gravity

As if regular gravity isn’t complex enough (even foo physicists), I had to muddy the waters by introducing what I coined as emotional gravity.

Like Newtons gravity, emotional gravity is invisible and constant.  Emotional gravity    is an unpleasant memory that evokes a correspondingly unpleasant emotional state.  Yet it’s far more insidious.  It’s invisible, powerful and can sneak up on you at any time.  It can have many triggers, often outside of your conscious awareness.   It imposes itself into your work and relationships.  It can influence your health via stress, loss of sleep and countless other physiological manifestations.  Having read this far, you may have identified pieces of your own emotional gravity.

The good news?  Unlike ‘physical’ gravity, emotional gravity can be neutralized or drained from your system. It doesn’t take years of therapy.  With the right approach, even with severe traumatic memories, it often takes just few sessions.  Indeed, if it takes a long time, it’s the wrong approach.  Worse, long term work can often reinforce or exacerbate the issue.

I work with many Veterans who have endured living with traumatic, even terrifying, memories.  It’s affected all aspects of their lives. PTSD can leave shattered relationships,, finances and a broken spirit in it’s wake.  The same can be said of physical and sexual abuse victims.  Yet, I routinely see my clients evolve beyond their trauma.  One client said our handful of sessions were more helpful that 30 plus years of his previous therapy.

Does this mean I’m a genius?  Do I have access to some special magic?  Fairy dust?  Hardly.  It simply means I’ve been fortunate to have been exposed to innovative, powerful, and most importantly, effective change modalities.   Hmm,,, Change is perhaps the wrong word.  It’s far too limiting.

I’ve been exposed to modalities that I consider truly evolutionary.  Personally evolutionary for the client.  These modalities allow the client to tap into their unique higher wisdom or higher order.  Their system is consequently reorganized in ways I could never have imagined nor instigated.  As it stems from themselves, it occurs gracefully, seamlessly.  As it’s natural to themselves, it’s accepted by their system rather than resisted.  The significant changes last.  Better yet, the changes tend to ripple throughout their system, spontaneously transforming other areas that need attention.

Years ago, I was driving home from a challenging session.  I was overwhelmed by all the issues.  Sexual abuse, physical abuse, multiple suicides in the family, gunfights.  It went on and on.  I knew it was beyond me.  I could not possibly be effective.  It was simply too much.

At a stoplight, I realized I didn’t have to do it.  I couldn’t do it.  But the clients own higher order or higher wisdom could. – and would.  What a relief, and how beautiful.  The client has successfully evolved beyond all the issues and is enjoying a healthy new relationship.  All this in perhaps a total of 12 sessions.

Does all this sound to good to be true?  I understand.  Even after all these years, I’m continually awed and humbled at how quickly a clients higher wisdom can restore their  system to its unique, natural harmony.  All the client and I have to do is get out of the way!

Know that there are ways for you to move beyond issues, quickly and gracefully.  Your system wants to positively evolve.  Your very cells want to evolve.  They intuitively  know prolonged, draining emotional states are neither helpful nor natural.

You can indeed evolve, and much sooner and gracefully than you may have been led to believe.  A healthy equilibrium is your natural state, your birthright.

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