PTSD, Trauma (sexual, physical....)

Being traumatized once is enough.It doesn’t have to go on effecting your life. I’ve worked with Veterans and abuse survivors who have experienced  horrendous events. The good news is that you can move beyond trauma, and in just a few sessions.  I know this flies in the face of traditional, long term therapy. So be it. I believe traditional, long term therapy can actually exacerbate and reinforce trauma. Not good – and not necessary.

HelpUsing cutting edge Neuro-Linguistic Programming methodologies and other innovative approaches, clients can quickly and gracefully evolve past the insidious effects of trauma.  You can hear me elaborate on this under the Press section listed on my homepage.

An aside, feeling the effects of trauma is a good sign. It means you’re a sensitive human being. I worry about those who have experienced trauma and have no reaction.

However, you can get to the point where you retain the depth and wisdom that stems from trauma yet truly release the negatives.  

“No man left behind.” I think not. I am privileged to service as a counselor for the National Veterans Wellness and Healing Center. Veterans and their partners come from all over the country to participate in these beautiful, healing retreats focused on PTSD. Inevitably, I learn from the veterans. Yes, the actual service members will leave no man behind. Our bureaucracy, the system, is a different matter. Hoards of veterans have been left behind by this system, this bureaucracy. I’d like to think my work with veterans helps implement the ideal of “no man left behind.”

Many veterans have indeed been left behind. Their relationships, finances, mental health, even physical health deteriorates as a result of their war experiences. There is help for these individuals. Suffering the trauma once is enough. They do not have to continually suffer the residual of the trauma.

Sadly, its not just the veterans with PTSD who suffer. Their spouses, children, and other loved ones all in the wake of PTSD suffer. The same innovative methods that can quickly help a veteran move beyond the residue of trauma can help their loved ones. Their loved ones should not be forgotten, nor left behind.

“Moral injury” is an often overlooked component of PTSD. What’s Moral Injury? Moral Injury is being subjected to behaviors and values that go against your innate, inherent goodness, your values. I’ve worked with vets who have been ordered or accidentally killed innocent non-combatants, including women and children. This leaves any “feeling human-being” with a sense of Moral Injury. They have violated their most basic, core values. It takes its toll. Again, simply by virtue of feeling traumatized is a good sign. It means they have retained their humanity. Though suffering from moral injury, a person can once again experience their wholeness. Their wholeness is what is natural and innate. The Moral Injury in PTSD represents something that was done to them, not who they are. The wholeness of who they are always awaits them. 

It is indeed possible to quickly and gracefully move beyond trauma and old habituated feelings and reactions. You’ve already taken the first step by reading this!

PTSD / trauma clients always receive my lowest rate.