Close a Door

To Open A Door To Close A Door

I have a tool I rarely use with clients.  I use it with great discretion as it’s so powerful.  There are advanced Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) protocols that can help a client say no, and mean it, from the core of their being.  Think of it, being able to close the door to substance abuse, a sexual addiction, a toxic relationship or any behavioral pattern holding you back.

As I saw how effective this tool is, I found myself wondering if it could be reversed engineered to assist clients in cultivating a desired behavior..  Imagine, being able to open the door to anything you wanted to intensify in your life.  A relationship, a new behavior, etc.  I tried it out with a few clients and help my breath.  It worked!  Clients we’re able to grease the wheels to facilitate a new positive in their lives.   It evoked spontaneous, graceful, easy change.

Being able to open or close a door puts you n the drivers seat.  Not your past.  Not your limiting beliefs.  Not other peoples opinion.  Rather you are in charge.  Only you.  Talk about empowering!

Twelve Step Programs talk about the need to hit bottom before you can move on.  It not only makes sense when you hear it, there is indeed merit to it.  I’ve seen it work.   Reaching the point where things get so bad you say Enough!  So what’s wrong with this?  It can be dangerous.  An example will clarify.

I know a man whose son was an active alcoholic, still drinking.  He hit rock bottom – by committing suicide.  What a tragic waste.  For his parents, his friends, children, for himself,  for everyone.

How beautiful that you or a loved one don’t have to hit bottom on the streets, while in the active embrace of an addiction or dysfunctional pattern.  Instead, you can meet your personal rock bottom in the safety of your counselors office.

How beautiful to be able to say yes, to open a door to something your want magnified in your life.

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