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John Zeuli with Santos

Mental Health Counseling

I’m glad you discovered me! I believe every one feels stuck at times. There’s some area they feel could improve in their life. I don’t see this as bad. Rather, it’s a natural result of ‘being in the arena’ and living life.

Indeed, I think anyone who never gets stuck, who has no growth issues, is probably a hermit, and an unhappy hermit at that. So please pat yourself on the back for being engaged with life, sensitive, courageous, and aware enough to know a skillful nudge will help you get back on track.

Rest assured no matter how long you might have felt stuck in an area, you can change. Growth and positive evolution is the way of the cosmos. It’s inevitable. You can change and gracefully evolve —and much sooner than you have been led to believe. The great lie is that change has to be painful, arduous, and take a long time. However inadvertently, this erroneous belief serves the traditional therapy system, not you. It reflects a lack of vision and innovative skills.

Issues I Can Help You With

Without reliving the past, my clients move forward with their life quick than they generally expect.




Chronic Pain

Sexual Abuse




Weight/Body Image

I am also adept at working with MK Ultra and Project Monarch, ritualistic abuse, and cult programming. These survivors, while having gone through tremendous emotional and psychological difficulties, have great inner strength and resilience to willing to reprogram their lives for the better. The actual events they’ve gone through don’t need to be relived to be addressed and redirected. The treatments are highly effective, and have the possibility to touch other parts of their lives as well.

Working With Me is Easy.

I employ a host of profoundly powerful, cutting edge methodologies to meet your goals. If you want to see someone for years, as in traditional therapy, I’m not for you. I believe seeing a helping professional should be a way to get on with life; it should not become a way of life. If you want to quickly, effectively resolve issues, move forward, and even enjoy the process, then we’re compatible. I realize that not everyone can meet face-to-face. In this world of technologies, I am able to effectively help clients from almost anywhere. I am available for Skype sessions and Zoom sessions, allowing a more flexible arrangement for some. You will need a good connection and a quiet, safe place where you can be undisturbed during the sessions. 

John Zeuli Home Office

They say that admitting you need help is the first step in the process. Sometimes it’s just a little speed bump you need to get over, and sometimes it might be a canyon, but no matter the size or history you have with what you’re wanting to address, we can work together to make sure that your goals are met in a timely fashion.

I commit to using my experience, sensitivity, and skills to assist you in meeting your goals. I will successfully facilitate your graceful change. I guarantee my work.

Good Outcomes & Happy Endings