I was recently in a fender bender.  Ouch!  (The car, not me.)  While  at the body shop I read the guarantee.  The work is fully warranted  for as long as I own the car.  Hmm… it made me think.

Why don’t therapists, coaches and other change agents guarantee their work?  My bias is that they should.  Yes, people are beautifully complex and multifaceted.  Yet, if the therapist was really making a difference, the client would know.  It’s all too easy, and bogus, for the counselor to blame the client for not changing.  I believe simply by virtue of your making an appointment you are open to change, to growing, to evolving.  It’s my job to serve as an effective catalyst.   

A sad, true story.  Years ago when working as a psychotherapist at a prestigious mental health center,  the staff celebrated with a Holiday party.     At the gathering, a senior staff member lamented so many of his clients weren’t ready to change.  I was shocked.  All my training stressed my responsibility in creatively, effectively serving as a catalyst for positive change.  It’s a cop-out to blame the client.

I guarantee my work.  If I don’t help you, significantly help you, I don’t think I should be paid.  If you are not satisfied with the results of any session, I provide a full refund.  It’s that simple.  My work is 100% risk free to you.

The following testimonial from Mr. Vachss stems from other work I did for him in an unrelated field.  However, he is discerning, credible and has high standards so I choose to include it under my Guarantee section.

Mr. Zeuli—Thank you for [ your work ].  You did things just as you promised you would, and I respect you for being a man of your word.  

Stay Strong!
Andrew Vachss
Author, Attorney & Child Advocate