significant number of my clients stem from referrals.  

Clients gave permission to show these unsolicited testimonials and to use their first names (in three cases the first name was changed per client request). I took the liberty of highlighting the issues in blue. Additional testimonials are available upon request. A representative sampling of testimonials follow:

Mr. Zeuli,

My chronic pain is no longer chronic!  If it does flare up, I now know what to do.  It’s a night and day difference.


Mr. Zeuli,

My childhood was not good.  I thought I had to carry it around with me forever.  It was hurting how I got along with others.  I pushed people away.  Thank you for helping me make peace with myself and move on.  The bad things that happened are in the past where they belong.  They are a part of me, but now they are a small part that don’t get in my way.


Mr. Zeuli,

I had learned to hide my phobia well.  My family knew, but almost no one else.  My friends just thought I was a little bit eccentric.   It was harder to hide at work.  Co-workers thought I was odd and this was holding me back. It took a lot of energy to work around my phobia.  It was draining me.  

My meeting with you quickly turned things around.  I feel a little upset because I didn’t know my phobia could be fixed so quickly.  But I feel good too because I now feel free.



I would have success with my relationships and at work, then somehow it didn’t stay.   I knew I was doing it to myself, but didn’t know how to stop it.  When I started feeling worthy everything changed.  I like my friends more and am not bothered by my job.  


Mr. Zeuli,

I had been to many counselors off and on for much of my life.  It helped, but I still felt anxious most of the time.  It didn’t make sense because there was no reason for it.  I was referred to you for this anxiety.  Now I almost never feel anxiety.  And if I do feel it, I now know what to do!  I have my same life, but it is so much better.  

Thank you.

Mr. Zeuli,

It seems people think depression and anxiety is something men don’t have to deal with.  Or maybe men aren’t supposed to feel it.  I did.  It got in the way of my life at work, with my family and friends.  It was like I wasn’t living life.  Everything was gray.  My seeing you has changed that.  I feel different now and if I feel anxious or depressed I now know what to do.  I can stop it in minutes instead of feeling anxious and depressed for days. 


Mr. Zeuli,

I was skeptical at first.  How could you help when three other therapists hadn’t?  I’m glad I didn’t give up.  I’ve lost the weight and kept it off.  But even more important, I have more confidence and energy.  This shows in my job and marriage. I even relate better to my children.    

Thank you!

Mr. Zeuli,

Loud noises and crowds no longer bother me.  I have my life back.  I even went to the fair!

Thank you.

Mr. Zeuli,

It was kind of sad when I realized I was doing it to myself.  I was self-destructive.  Sometimes I drank too much and abused drugs and also was reckless sexually and risked diseases.  I destroyed my being close to other people.  No one had a chance with me.  I wrecked my jobs.

With your help and those you pointed me to, I now have gotten my life together.  I would not have believed it.



I never felt right in school.  It was frustrating because I felt smart but somehow it never showed in tests.  Years later I started hearing labels like ADD and ADHD.  Maybe if my parents or teachers had known about it then school would have been different for me.  

Some of the trouble I had at school followed me into jobs when I got older.  I might have lost one job because of the trouble I had learning.  For sure it stopped me from getting promoted.  This changed with the things you taught me.  I now know how my brain works and how to make it work for me.  Everything is easier.


Mr. Zeuli,

Being in the medical field, I know we sometimes operate with ‘blinders.’  We get used to doing things one way, the way we were taught long ago.  The problem is these ways don’t always work, and we know it.  I appreciate having you as a resource when I’m feeling stuck with a patient.

Cecelia, RN

Additional testimonials available upon request.