Your Privacy

Your Privacy / Working without content

Privacy is important.  Very important.  Beware of a therapist who seems intent on pulling extremely personal experiences out of you.  This is not necessary.  It may represent a need in the therapist or a lack of training.  However, it’s usually not a necessity for your growth.  

Working without content refers to being able to effectively address your very personal issues, experiences and memories without having to know all the content.  Usually I need absolutely no content.  If I need any, it would be the barest minimum.  Your are, of course, free to share whatever you wish.  However, it is 100% optional.  

So how is this possible?  Working without content represents an advanced Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) skill set.  Please excuse the jargon.  It simply means that with my training and experience, you don’t need to reveal your innermost experiences.  I can still assist you in moving forward.

Working without content is especially helpful for some professions.  Sandia and Los Almos Lab workers and those in sensitive intelligence positions pop to mind.  Other possibilities include law enforcement, physicians, ministers, some subsets of the armed forces, the legal profession, etc.  Or perhaps you simply feel burned by a previous counseling experience.  No matter.  I can  still effectively address your issues while respecting your personal autonomy and right to privacy.

I feel very good about offering you the option of assisting you without your having to share your most personal experiences.  You are of course welcome to share absolutely anything you wish.  But this is your choice, not mine.  

I consider the ability to optionally work without content as being eminently respectful of your privacy and personal autonomy.  It’s a great option for some clients.  

Regardless of what you choose to share or not share, no one else can access your record. With me, no digital diagnoses or notes will follow you around online forever.