MK Ultra, Project Monarch, SRA Treatment

If you aren’t familiar with these terms, consider yourself fortunate. Having said that, the survivors of these insidious experiences possess unparalleled inner strength. This bodes extremely well for recovery. I have had the privilege of working with these courageous souls.
You can experience profound healing from past trauma. If recall is appropriate for your life journey, recall will occur naturally. Nothing nor no one could impede it. However, my sole focus is recovery, restoring your system to its natural state of equilibrium.
Facilitating healing involves employing a distinct skill set. These skills allow your unique ‘higher order’ or ‘higher wisdom’ to permeate your system at a profound level. No matter how dormant, suppressed or outright programmed not to emerge, this higher wisdom can shine through.

A dry sponge welcomes water. A sun parched piece of wood

craves oil. Likewise, your system craves and welcomes release from the past. With graceful, targeted interventions, the tightly clenched fist of programming releases and you can return to your natural state of ease.

What was done (programmed) can be undone.

Ode to Dr. Mengele

Dr. Mengele’s Spirit smiles
What’s old is new – born again
The old god of sciences’ new cutting edge
Biotechnology – creating better humans
No Nazi’s required
Secret labs reign
No guilt felt
Prozac is readily dispensed
No conscience
The god of perfection is being served
Genetic engineering, gene splicing, blending species, organ harvesting, cattle mutilations, MK-ULTRA
Trans-human, enhanced life, super-soldiers …
Because I can do it, I will do it
My will be done
Underground, no light of day
Caged, bars of rationality
Discarded, only an experiment gone awry
Enter the labyrinth…
Surely the scientists are responsible, not us
Surely the guards
Surely corporate chieftains
Surely someone else – anyone else
Sgt. Schultz is my wisdom, “I see nothing”
Discarded ones
Created ones
Sentient ones
Machine like ones
Test tube ones
Programmed ones
Nano technology ones
Neural interface ones
Hear the Good News
Spirit is immanent
Spirit is Ever linked with all
Spirit resides within you
In our hubris, we did not birth monsters
Unwittingly, in our Divinely inspired Ignorance
Angels within were Created

      John Zeuli copyright

I’ll briefly expand on the dark side.  Dr. Mangala, a Nazi physician, epitomized perversion of the helping professions. He employed his considerable medical and psychological skills in a horrific, twisted fashion. He research, including torture, was conducted on prisoners. He was a disturbing,  unethical, and sick trailblazer in mind-control methodologies.

Operation Paperclip, a now declassified operation the United States intelligence community ran after WWII, brought over hundreds of highly skilled Nazis to work for our program and the intelligence community. Indeed, NASA key-personnel, were brought o The intelligence community “sanitized” their Nazi backgrounds and established them as US citizens.

Our US intelligence community fully embraced mind-control. No boundaries were displayed. They used sophisticated, cutting-edge mind-control techniques unwittingly on both civilians and the military community.

The light, however, always shines through. As I mentioned earlier, these previously programmed individuals process remarkable inner strength and resilience. What was programmed can be released.