Issue I Can Help With

Issues I can help with

Confidentiality is key. I receive a lot of referrals from clients and individuals who know each other. This highlights my already inbred sensitivity to confidentiality. I am adept at working with all of the issues below, and for new patients, I often clarify the process by saying I can quickly help dilute any bad memory, no matter how traumatic. I can also assist with any generalized negative feeling, such as anxiety and depression.

A distinct advantage of my style of work is that the client can retain their privacy. In other words, they don’t necessarily have to divulge the incident they’re working on (you don’t have to relive the trauma over and over). While they’re welcome to share, it’s not one hundred percent necessary for treatment. How beautiful is this! When dealing with a sensitive issue, such as sexual abuse or physical abuse or other trauma, clients can retain their personal boundaries and not have to share unless they choose to.

This not having to relive the trauma is so important. All too commonly, via relating a traumatic incident, it can actually reinforce the emotional weight of the trauma. Hence, inadvertently, these old, traumatic neurological pathways are reinforced. Not good! It is in your best interest to work in a manner that introduces positive new healthy neurological networks. The first rule in the mental health field should be “do no harm.” Sadly, even with the best intentions, damage can be done in traditional counseling.

Using science-based, proven, alternative approaches, this is no longer an issue. People can, indeed, evolve painlessly and quickly. “No pain, no gain,” may be the default mantra for traditional counseling. Not so using these innovative approaches. Indeed, our sessions can actually be lighthearted, and dare I say, even fun.

In my previous work at a mental health center, I effectively dealt with a host of issues.  I can help you successfully, and quickly, address the following:

Help the HurtingChronic pain
Weight and body image
Trauma issues
Sexual abuse
Trauma Residue
Healing / Recovering from surgery
Harmoniously Integrating Seemingly Disparate Parts of Yourself
Substance abuse / Addictions
Smoking cessation
Couple Relationships & family counseling
Generative Change / Human Potential
Mind-programming (cult-deprogramming)
MK-Ultra, Project Monarch, etc
Cognitive (learning and processing ability)
Performance (athletic, artistic, writing, …)

The powerful modalities I employ are remarkably flexible, so I’m comfortable dealing with most issues.My bias, life-experience, and work with clients has reinforced the brain’s ability to rewire itself. This is a natural process that only needs a gentle nudge. Traditional therapy sometimes goes against this natural process. This isn’t good, and it’s not necessary. Just as a dry sponge, when immersed in water, naturally absorbs water, and just as a parched piece of desert wood naturally craves a healing wood oil, so to your “systems” (mind, body, spirit) crave re-balancing and harmony. Usually, a gentle nudge is all that’s needed.

drop of waterSome clients present multiple issues. The good news is that by ecologically addressing a specific issue, it tends to ripple throughout the client’s system, impacting all the other issues. Just as a pebble tossed into a stilled pond ripples throughout the entire pond, so to a “ecological” intervention sends its healing ripples throughout your entire system. Call or email today for a in-person or Skype assessment. I offer a money-back guarantee, so it’s risk free.