In Closing

I believe everyone gets stuck at times.  I don’t see this as bad. Rather, it’s a natural result of ‘being in the arena’ and living life.  So please pat yourself on the back for being engaged with life, sensitive,  courageous and aware enough to know a skillful nudge will help you get back on track.Rest assured no matter how long you might have felt stuck in an area, you can change. Growth and positive evolution is the way of the cosmos.  It’s inevitable.  You can change and gracefully evolve – and much sooner than you have been led to believe. The great lie is that change has to be painful, arduous and take a long time.  However inadvertently, this erroneous belief serves traditional therapists, not you.  It reflects a lack of vision and innovative skills.

I employ a host of profoundly powerful, cutting edge methodologies to meet your goals. If you want to see someone for months and months, or even years, as in traditional therapy, I’m not for you. If you want to quickly, effectively resolve issues, move forward and even enjoy the process, then we’re compatible.


Thank You


A heartfelt thank you for all your referrals and support.  The vast majority of my clients discovered me via a referral from other clients, friends or professional associates.

A special thank you to those in the medical and therapeutic system who go out of their way to refer to me.  I’m touched by your confidence in my work.

John Zeuli with Santos