I don't Care

I Don’t Care About Your Problems

That’s right, I don’t care about your problems.  Your trauma, your abuse, your depression, your anxiety, your depression, the list goes on.  But you get it – I don’t care about your problems.

I care about you.  And you are so much more than your issues.  You are much greater than your problems.

Problems, issues, can be extremely seductive.  They can devour your time, your relationships, your potential, your very life.  They poison you.  Before you know it, you define yourself via your problems.  How sad.  And not just for you, but for your loved ones, for everyone you interact with.  You are inadvertently surrendering your light, your inherent contribution to the world.

I’m obviously biased, but I don’t think you want a counselor who cares about your problems.  Your issues are akin to quicksand, slowly, yet inexorably, pulling you down.   The same can happen to a therapist who focuses solely on your problems.  Then you have two dis-empowered people in the room and you spiral down together!  That is why so many traditional counselors end up depressed.

I care about your neurology, about how you maintain your issues.  I care about how you’ve been programmed to manifest the same issues month after month, year after year.  This is the leverage I seek.  Re-patterning, reprogramming your neurology is indeed possible,  and herein lies your ability to change, to grow, to evolve.

As I’m able to re-pattern your programmed responses, your problems naturally drift away.  Indeed, I love it when clients comment that they forget about their issues because they simply are no longer problems.  They have spontaneously changed their orientation to the world and hence their behaviors.  The operative work is spontaneously.

Forget willpower.  Forget the endless positive affirmations.  Forget having to understand your problems.  Rather, know graceful, evolutionary change is possible.

I don’t care about your problems – and neither should you.

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