Post Traumatice Growth

Post Traumatic Growth

You read the title correctly.  It’s not a typo.  I did not mean to say Post Traumatic Stress nor Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.  You’ve been lied to regarding the effects of trauma.

Trauma survivors are far from fragile and damaged.  Yes, something traumatic happened to you, but it’s not who you are.  It doesn’t have to define you.  Not physical abuse.  Not war trauma.  Not even severe sexual abuse.

After trauma, it’s absolutely natural to emotionally shut down for awhile.  It’s natural to withdraw or perhaps even animate the flip side via striking out at yourself or others.  This doesn’t mean you’re broken.  It means you’re doing the best you know how to stay with us, to survive.

Trauma victims share some remarkable core traits.  They possess an inner resilience and strength.    Life has thrown them some of the worst it has to offer.  In spite of this, some part of you knew you were meant to survive.  Not just survive, but thrive.  Okay, maybe you detoured before the thrive part.  No matter.  That potential sill resides within you.  More than being a potential. it’s like a coiled spring so near to being released.

Your trauma can serve as a springboard.  You know things the common man or woman are oblivious to.  You’ve experienced the worst which paradoxically opens you to its inverse – great beauty, love and compassion.

Airy fairy?  Wishful thinking.  No.  A resounding NO.  I’ve been privileged to work with clients who have experienced horrendous trauma.   Trauma I don’t like to recall.  Yet here they are, seeking help.  And responding with their innate strength and resilience.

Lies inevitably fade and give way to the truth.  Something bad happened to you.  You are not bad.    You possess enviable depths of strength.  You are a survivor.  Don’t give up on yourself.  Know you can indeed grow.  You can positively evolve.  But I’m preaching to the choir.  At some core level you already know these truths.  Yes, maybe you consciously forgot these truths.   Certainly understandable.  Yet what’s forgotten can be remembered.  You’re already remembering.

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