Brandi, one of my cyber gurus at Think Tank Designs, sent me an email encouraging me to pen a blog post on suicide.  My hand wavered over the delete key as it’s not a topic I’d normally address.  However, as the day wore on, my thoughts kept circling back.     Before I knew it my innate resistance had waned and I found myself spontaneously composing a rough draft.  So here goes.

Full disclosure:  Don’t expect coherence from me on such an incoherent and multifaceted topic.  Don’t expect a pep talk encouraging you to just look on the bright side.  Don’t expect a well thought out intellectual treatise on suicide.  Instead, expect some thoughts from the heart.

My strongest feeling; what a waste!  We all lose when a suicide occurs.  We collectively lose out on that person’s unique contribution.  And we’re losing more and more.  People are committing suicide at an ever increasing rate.  It seems like it’s approaching epidemic proportions.

And let us not forget the “suicides by default.”  Those who simply give up on life and die shortly after.

Everyone – everyone – has a breaking point.  Anyone who thinks otherwise is a full fledged narcissist or a fool.  Consider yourselves fortunate to be reading this.  It simply means we’ve been blessed to never have been so severely tested.

In no way do I ascribe any pejorative judgments towards any souls who have committed suicide.  Indeed, those who commit suicide are often the more sensitive among us.  They just might be the canaries in the coal mine.

I feel suicide is a symptom of a much greater and darker malady.  Our society.  We’re becoming more and more alienated.  From each other, from nature, from ourselves.  We’re giving up on humanity.  Happiness surely resides in my smart phone and social media.

Our culture, however unwittingly, is now inching closer and closer to trans-humanism.  After all, Google and other digital wizards say it’s the next step in our evolution.  Can’t take being human and all the emotions it entails?  No problem.  Just merge with machines and the messiness of being human will melt into the background.   Tread cautiously, – merging with the Borg didn’t end well for Startrek’s Captain Picard!

Personally, I don’t look to any political party nor politicians for guidance.  Spewing hate certainly isn’t the answer.  Nor do I look to religion.  Note I said religion, not spirituality or the beautiful adepts religions sprang from.  And yes, there are certainly wise and beautiful souls within all the faiths.  But I’ve burned out on institutionalized misogyny,  pedophiles,  and holy wars.

If anything, I look within.  We all have a unique, interior compass that is ever true.

Solutions?  I come up short here.  Sure, I know how to help suicidal clients, as do other mental health professionals.  But society at large?  I draw a blank.  But this doesn’t mean I’m pessimistic.

I believe we’re evolving and perhaps even being guided, on a worldwide scale.  I believe something beautiful will emerge from the global birth pains.  This springs from my intuition and an inherent faith in humankind, not from the intellect.

If you’re feeling suicidal, please reach out to others.  Reach out again.  Reach out yet again.  You’re worth it.  We need you.


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