Cotton Candy Rush

We Worship The Intellect

Truth be told, our culture worships the intellect.  We bow down in supplication to our minds.   Our intellectual bias is reflected everywhere.  It rears its head in our addiction to technology, social media, and all things digital.

I attended a meet up years ago.  Over lunch, a young man avoided eye contact with the participants, favoring looking at his cell phone screen nestled in his lap.   I engaged him in the briefest social interaction, perhaps lasting five minutes.  Later that week I received an email from him.  He stated how much he enjoyed ‘connecting’ with me and shared it had been ages since he had such a meaningful conversation!

Yes, we’re starved for human contact.  The intellect and all things digital only goes so far. Certainly not far enough.  The core of our being, our soul, if you will, remains untouched.  It withers for lack of real human contact.

Our society cultivates this isolation.  Dare I say our culture even promotes and desires this social isolation.  We’re ever so much more predictable, more easily controlled.  We becomes like drones, efficiently serving our master’s programming, yet heartless.

I’m obviously biased, but I believe counseling should bypass the intellect, where I, like most people, get stuck.  “He said…She said…I should have said…”  Our internal litany goes on and on.  We’re like hamsters running on a wheel.  Lots of effort, but not going anywhere.  Not evolving.

Cotton candy tastes good and gives a temporary sugar rush.  So running our default head routines feels natural and comforting.  But we’re left feeling empty.  Intuitively we know we’re missing something.  Something of substance.  Something real.

My style of counseling strives to bypass where we’re stuck – the intellect.  Yes, insight may or may not come as we grow and evolve, but insight is not the catalyst for real or meaningful change or evolutionary growth.  The heart, not the mind, is the real catalyst.  I’m obviously biased, but I believe good therapy gracefully bypasses the intellect and makes way for a higher order or higher wisdom.  Your unique higher wisdom.

Beware the therapist who offers ostensibly meaningful insights and parrots conventional societal wisdom.  You’re much grander than that.  Look to release your unique inner wisdom.  Only this is real.  Only this serves your personal evolution.

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